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Neatly Winding High Toughness 1.75mm PLA HS 3D Printer Filament

Name: PLA HS(Ptfe)   3D printing filament

Brand: Sting3D        


Printing temp:265-285℃  Work base:55℃- 65℃

G.W:1.35kg  N.W:1kg   


1. The filament is composed Ptfe material  ;

2. It has high toughness  high strength;

3. High heat distortion temperature;

4. It also has the advantages of soild.

5. Without warping, no cracking  in model;

6. High precision +/-0.03mm

Packing: spool+sealed+box

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Product Name   PLA HS filament
Printing informations
Material Import PLA material
Printing temperature: 265-285
Platform temperature 55-65
Printing Speed 60-120mm/S
Fan speed 80-100%
Chamber temperature N
Certificate CE ROHS SVHC 
Package information
Length 320M
Net weight 1000g
Gross weight 1350g
Packed Vacuum seal + desiccant
Inner Box size 21*21*6.5CM
Carton size 44*35*23.5CM
Inner quantity/CTN 10Boxes/CNT    15kg
Filament parameter
Density 1.21
Tensile strength 75Mpa
Elongation at break 4.3-5.8
MFR  6--8
Ht deformation temperature 87

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